Classic Boat
De Muze

  • Heated boat
  • Bluetooth available
  • Toilet available
  • The boat is electric
  • Max. 20 people
    Max. 20 people
  • Spotify available

Sailing in an antique boat through the canals of Amsterdam

The Muze is an antique classic boat from 1913, built by the shipyard “Rijnstroom” of F. Meijer & Co in Leiden. In 2011, the classic boat was thoroughly restored, preserving all original details and equipped with contemporary comfort. The Muze is equipped with an electric motor, allowing it to sail silently and environmentally friendly through the canals of Amsterdam. The hull of the ship is made of steel, the authentic superstructure is made of Java teak, and the comfortable benches are upholstered with velour d’Utrecht.

The captain serves as your host and provides explanations about the old center of Amsterdam during the cruise. To make your cruise as enjoyable as possible, we are happy to accommodate your special requests. You can cruise in all weather conditions throughout the year. In good weather, the windows can be removed, allowing you to enjoy the open salon on the aft deck. In colder weather, the central heating ensures a cozy warmth inside, or you can choose to sit in the aft salon with a blanket. The intimate ambiance makes this ship suitable for 2 to 20 guests.

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Fine dining private dinner on the water

  • The muse and the beautiful materials create an intimate ambiance. We offer private tours, so there is no minimum number of guests.
  • The boat can accommodate a maximum of 20 guests, and à la carte dining is available for up to 16 guests.
  • There is a toilet on board and despite being a classic ship, it is equipped with all modern amenities for the utmost comfort.

What our guests say

Beautiful boat, delightful à la carte dining, and ultimate hospitality!

Tal Gonen,