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We warmly welcome you aboard one of our private canal cruises through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam soon.
In this quotation module, you can personalize your experience entirely without obligation.

When and for how long would you like to be on board?

Choose here with how many guests, when, and for how long you would like to sail. For a dinner cruise (3 courses), we recommend a minimum sailing time of three hours.

We offer various experiences

Anything is possible, from an unforgettable cruise to complementing it with breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, sandwiches, or high tea.

Tour: Minimum sailing time is 1.5 hours, after 5:00 PM a minimum of 2 hours. A la carte dinner and lunch available

What type of lunch would you like to book?

When you come aboard the Kleijn Amsterdam or De Muze, you will receive the extensive menu and the fine wine list from the captain.

A 3-course lunch cruise is from 3 hours of sailing time. All other options start from 2 hours. Lunch costs from the small menu, luxury sandwiches, baguettes, and the high tea are to be determined. High tea is only available after 3 PM from Friday to Sunday.

A la carte dining?

When you come aboard the Kleijn Amsterdam or De Muze, you will receive the menu and the extensive wine list from the captain. If you are truly looking for a very special wine experience, then take a look at our wine cellar.

Most chosen

Heeren menu

Keizers menu

Prinsen menu

Johannes menu

We pick up the dishes from the best restaurants in Amsterdam, a dinner cruise (3 courses) is a minimum of 3 hours of enjoyment. Would you like to expand your dinner to 4 courses with an additional intermediate course? Then, half an hour of sailing time will be added. View the menu’s

Drop off

Holtkamp's Cakes (Optional)

How many cakes would you like?

How many cakes would you like?

How many cakes would you like?

How many cakes would you like?

The cakes from Holtkamp come with text. Further personalizing the cakes with, for example, your photo or company logo is possible. Please let us know in the next step in the comments.

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  • Duration


  • Number of people


    • First hour of sailing €320,-.*
    • Subsequent hours €260,- per hour.*
    • Minimum boat rental 1.5 hours.
    • After 5:30 PM minimum sailing time 2 hours.
    • Outside the canal belt, a fee of €45,- per half hour is charged for sailing to the location.
    • Prices include VAT.
    • Recommended minimum sailing time: dinner cruise 3 hours, lunch 2 hours, sightseeing cruise 1.5 hours.
    • To definitively reserve the cruise, the sailing costs and menu costs must be paid in advance.
    • Dogs are not allowed on board.

    *) 10% discount on boat rental when booking through this website.

    Private Dining
    on the Water

    • Classic Boat Dinners guarantees the highest quality in private canal cruises in the Amsterdam canals.
    • Our classic boats "Kleijn Amsterdam" from 1905 and "De Muze" from 1913 offer luxury, contemporary comfort, and exclusivity.
    • Classic Boat Dinners is the only provider of an à la carte lunch and dinner menu from the very best Amsterdam restaurants.

    Restaurants where we moor