Luxury dinner cruise in Amsterdam

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Step aboard one of Amsterdam’s classic salon boats and enjoy a full dining experience with Classic Boat Dinners. We provide an unforgettable experience while you take in the beautiful sights of Amsterdam. We also serve an excellent wine pairing and an à la carte dinner. Want to learn more about this unique experience? Read on! Ready to book? Request a quote now!

Luxury dining cruise Amsterdam: Unique experience through the heart of Amsterdam

Are you, as a business or individual, looking for a unique experience to share with your staff, friends, family, or acquaintances? Then a luxury dinner cruise through the canals of Amsterdam is exactly what you need! While you enjoy the beautiful sights that Amsterdam has to offer, the best restaurants in Amsterdam are preparing your dinner in their kitchens.

You can choose between a 3- or 4-course dinner, curated by top chefs from the finest hotels in Amsterdam. Select the dishes you desire and be amazed by the culinary delights that await you. Onboard, you will find an extensive selection of specially chosen wines, perfectly paired with the dishes you have selected. Not in the mood to eat? We also offer cruises without dining. Explore our options and book an appointment!

luxury dinner cruise amsterdam

Why choose a luxury dinner cruise?

Select a luxury dinner cruise through Amsterdam and experience an unforgettable evening filled with culinary delights and breathtaking views. Dining on the water offers a unique experience that you won’t find in a traditional restaurant. As you savor exquisite dishes prepared by top chefs, you will cruise along Amsterdam’s historic canals.

Onboard, culinary masterpieces are served, often in the form of a 3- or 4-course dinner, curated by the finest kitchens in Amsterdam. The carefully selected wines perfectly complement the dishes, enhancing your overall experience. Additionally, the cruise offers flexibility in the route, allowing you to choose which sights you want to see. Whether you wish to admire Amsterdam’s iconic landmarks or explore its lesser-known corners, the choice is yours.

A luxury dinner cruise is also ideal for special occasions. Whether it’s a corporate outing, anniversary, or birthday, we make it unforgettable for you. The intimate atmosphere of the boat creates a cozy ambiance where you can fully enjoy the company and the stunning views. In short, a luxury dinner cruise through Amsterdam is an experience that creates lifelong memories.

Book a luxury cruise now with lunch or breakfast

Discover the versatility of Classic Boat Dinners! In addition to our renowned dinners, we now also offer cruises with breakfast, lunch, or even without dining. Start your day with a delightful breakfast on the serene canals of Amsterdam. Enjoy an extensive lunch, perhaps paired with a fine wine from our selection, or opt for a relaxing cruise without a meal, perfect for exploring the city at your leisure. With us, you decide how you want to experience your cruise. Explore our options and book your unique experience today!