8 Reasons to choose a private dinner canal cruise in Amsterdam

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A private dinner cruise offers a complete evening out, including dinner and sightseeing. Enjoy a culinary delight while cruising through the picturesque canals of Amsterdam. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by the professional crew and step aboard one of our classic salon boats, “De Muze” or “Kleijn Amsterdam.” Our service, the beautiful sights, and the specially selected wines with a multi-course dinner provide an unforgettable experience.


Create Your Own Menu

With us, you can create your own menu in advance. Choose from one of our 4 menus, which we source from the best kitchens in Amsterdam. During the cruise, you can select which dish you want from your chosen menu. In addition to the fantastic menu options these kitchens offer, we also pre-select various wines and champagnes that pair perfectly with your dishes. Discover our 3 and 4-course menus or browse all our wines!


Cruise with Lunch, Breakfast, Drinks, or Without Dining

With us, everything is possible! If you would like to have lunch on board, you can choose from a 3-course menu, a small menu, a high tea, or various sandwiches. For an extensive lunch like a 3-course menu, high tea, or small menu, you can select from the menus of The Dylan restaurant, Okura Hotel, and the Amstel Hotel. If you opt for breakfast, choices range from savory omelets and luxurious sandwiches to tempting fruit platters. The options are plentiful! If you don’t feel like eating but still want an exclusive cruise with drinks or just beverages, Classic Boat Dinners is the perfect choice. Customize your cruise entirely to your liking and enjoy the beautiful culture that Amsterdam has to offer from the water.


More Than Just a Cruise

We are more than just a cruise boat. Classic Boat Dinners offers the highest quality for private cruises through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam. Thanks to our unique network in Amsterdam, Classic Boat Dinners has been able to establish exclusive collaborations with the city’s best culinary experts. To date, we remain the unparalleled provider of culinary à la carte dinner cruises. Additionally, our captains bring extensive knowledge of Amsterdam. During the cruise, we pay attention to every detail and ensure everything is perfectly taken care of. With countless anecdotes and fun facts, we add a personal touch that makes our cruises so special.


Private dinner canal cruise in Amsterdam: Perfect for Corporate Events

Our boat dinners provide the perfect setting for business gatherings. Do you want to share a unique and memorable experience with your colleagues? Our private cruises can be fully customized to meet the specific needs of your company. Whether you are looking for a relaxing drink, a luxurious dinner, or interactive team-building activities, we create the ideal arrangement for you. Let our team of experienced professionals transform your corporate outing into an unforgettable event on the water.


Private dinner canal cruise in Amsterdam: Historical and Cultural Landmarks

Sail past iconic monuments and historic buildings that tell the rich history of Amsterdam. This unique view of the city from the water adds an extra dimension to your dining experience. While enjoying delicious dishes and carefully selected wines, the cruise provides a serene and historical ambiance.

As you glide over the tranquil canals and admire iconic landmarks, our captains share fascinating anecdotes and stories about Amsterdam. This combination of culinary indulgence and cultural experience makes your evening truly unforgettable.

private dinner canal cruise in Amsterdam


Beautiful Sunset

Imagine this: you choose a dinner with Classic Boat Dinners with a beautiful sunset as the backdrop. As the sun sets and the sky takes on warm colors, you cruise through the lovely canals of Amsterdam. This ambiance, combined with delicious dishes and carefully selected wines, makes your evening unforgettable. The peaceful surroundings and stunning views create an intimate and memorable experience.


Romantic private dinner canal cruise in Amsterdam

A private dinner cruise is the perfect romantic experience for couples. Sail together along the old canals of Amsterdam and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and beautiful views. During the cruise, a delicious dinner is served, which can be accompanied by specially selected wines. The atmospheric lighting and the sunset make the evening extra special. This combination of fine dining and romance makes your evening unforgettable. Planning a special proposal? Let us know, and we can help you create a memorable way to do it!


Classic Boat Dinners makes it personal

The private cruises are fully customized, ensuring you have a unique experience that meets all your desires. We source dishes from the finest kitchens in Amsterdam, allowing you to enjoy the highest culinary quality. Our dedicated crew ensures that you and your guests lack nothing. Whether it’s a romantic dinner, a family outing, or a corporate event, we make your cruise special and unforgettable. Enjoy a personal touch as you sail along the beautiful canals of Amsterdam.

Book your classic boat dinner through our website and receive a 10% discount on your total sailing costs.