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Classic Boat Dinners Unveils New Website, Featuring New Design, Film and Photography, and a Seamless Reservation System!

Behind the scenes, Classic Boat Dinners and the design, website, and content team from Merkelijkheid have been working hard on the new website. The objective was to extend the exclusive character of the pioneer in haute cuisine dinner cruises into the digital experience one-on-one. In short, viewing the website and making a reservation should already be a celebration that stimulates the senses. “Classic Boat Dinners is known for its unique experience, maximum customer orientation, and extensive customization options. I want to extend that to the new website while at the same time reducing the number of questions we receive by phone or email. Answering these questions demands a lot from our organization, especially because we also want to provide the best service in the preliminary process. What role can the website play in this?”, says owner Nico Bax.


A clear blue sky and ice-cold, a beautiful day for the photo & film shoot


An Intuitive Reservation System

What makes this new website so special? Let’s start with the reservation system. Say goodbye to complicated booking processes – this new system is so intuitive that anyone can understand it! With just a few clicks, you can now book your dream cruise 24/7 and complement it with, for example, a culinary dinner, without any hassle. This fits perfectly into the increasingly digital era we live in.

Classic Boat Dinners also needed a visual makeover. A complete transformation has been realized, from a logo upgrade to an entirely new design, from new photos to a brand-new film. The new website of Classic Boat Dinners is a visual feast, full of breathtaking images that perfectly capture the magic of Amsterdam and the unique experience of a dinner cruise.

An Immersive Digital Experience

Nico Bax, the passionate owner and captain of Classic Boat Dinners, is extremely excited about the launch of the new website: “With this new website, we can offer our customers an even more immersive experience when planning their dinner cruise in Amsterdam. We want every interaction with our website to be a preview of the magic they can expect on board our boats.”

Classic Boat Dinners offers exclusive private dinner cruises aboard beautiful historic boats in Amsterdam. With a focus on luxury, gastronomy, and personal service, the company creates unforgettable experiences for customers looking for a unique way to experience the city.