Cakes from patisserie Holtkamp

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The pastries from Patisserie Holtkamp are an absolute institution in Amsterdam and far beyond. We serve these Holtkamp cakes on board for special festive occasions.

Classic Boat Dinners has had a partnership with Patisserie Holtkamp since the inception of our company. A cruise with one of our classic ships is a special experience, and with a cake from Holtkamp, we enhance that feeling. We deliver the cakes with text, and as an extra, we can decorate them with a photo or company logo.

Cakes from Holtkamp

We selected two special cakes for our standard assortment: the Charlotte Russe, a vanilla bavarois with fruit, finished with biscuits de Savoie. The Sabayon is a bavarois of Marsala with amaretti cookies and marzipan. In our booking system, you can add these delicious cakes to your already unforgettable experience.




A bavarois based on pâte à bombe, flavored with Marsala. It is garnished with small amaretti cookies, decorated with yellow marzipan, and adorned with an amaretti cookie and a red bow.


Charlotte Russe

Vanilla bavarois enriched with fresh fruit and amaretti cookies. Finished with a thin layer of glaze, encased with ladyfingers, and topped with a bow.